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Veda Marketing specialize in select markets and offer our customers sophisticated problem-solving solutions. Our range of services includes machines and devices, as well as services such as consulting, training and after sales service.

Wire-Forming Machines

Our products have a sound and user-friendly design, require minimal maintenance, and are excellently suited for industrial applications. Detailed documentation is available for the maintenance and operation of Spühl products

Machine Movies

FPC-100 Pocket Spring Machine
FT-81 FIDES Bonnell Transfer Machine

Our Services

As the official distributor for world leading spring machine manufacturers we provide a wide range of services to the Bedding and Automotive industry of India, Nepal and Srilanka

Consulting for spring manufacturing machines:
As part of our services to our clients we can advice on the best and most cost effective machines for your particular needs and improve the efficiency of your plant.
Maintenance services:
This is where Excellence Machinery sets itself apart from the competition. We have over 20 years of experience in installment, repairs and maintenance exclusively for spring manufacturing machines.
Spare parts delivery:
Due to our close relationship with companies like Spühl or Fides, our rates for both sea and air freight is very fast, reliable and competitive.

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